Tom of Finland

A film about courage, love and freedom.

Touko Laaksonen served as an officer during the difficult years of the Second World War in Finland. When peace arrives, life does not get any easier. Touko is gay and there is very limited freedom for a young man like him in post-war Helsinki. Harassment and penalties await those who openly display their affection. But using the pseudonym “Tom of Finland”, his desires and longings find expression in homoerotic leather fantasies. Touko’s controversial art form becomes a way to liberation. Both for him personally, but also for the gay community in general.

Tom of Finland is a co-production involving Helsinki Filmi, Anagram, Fridthjof Film,

Neutrinos Productions and Film Väst

Production company
Anagram Sverige AB
Production year
Title in Swedish
Tom of Finland
Aleksi Bardy, Annika Sucksdorff och Miia Haavisto
Executive Producer(s)
Samproducenter Malin Söderlund, Gunnar Carlsson, Miriam Nørgaard Caroline Eybye, Sophie Mahlo, Ingvar Þórðarson och Simon Perry
Dome Karukoski
Aleksi Bardy
Pekka Strang
Lasse Frank Johannessen
Harri Ylönen