Viva Hate

A story about the dream to become someone great – and how difficult it is to shake off one’s past

Gothenburg in the early 1990s. Daniel is 18 and starts the band Viva Hate together with his friends Morgan, Fabian and Juan. They dream of becoming rock stars. Major rock stars like the Smiths, Cure and the Cult. Or rather, they should be rock stars.

On weekdays, Daniel does extra work at a nursery school, but after repeatedly playing “Häng Gud” (Hang God) by Ebba Grön for the delighted five-year olds, he gets fired. Now it’s time to get serious about music. But Daniel, his petty criminal brother Tommy and the friends in the band are more focused on their dreams rather than handling the tough reality surrounding them. The escape into an alternative world becomes a way to survive.

A co-production involving SVT, Anagram and Film i Väst, with support from Cloudberry Post and Gothenburg Film Studios.

Production company
Anagram Sverige AB
Production year
Title in Swedish
Viva Hate
Martin Persson
Jens Lien
Peter Birro
Tom Ljungman, Wilhelm Johansson, Mandus Ber och Lena Endré
Philip Ögaard
Vidar Flataukan