Tiffany’s video blog

Tiffany Persson is back with gossip, sponsoring and opinions in her new video blog

After a period of burnout, the very popular hairdresser Tiffany Persson from Staffanstorp has made a decision. She will start up her video blog again, and in earnest. In her garage, which she has decorated and smartened up, she reports on the latest innovations, trends and gossip. And – of course – she also takes the opportunity to share her personal thoughts and opinions. You will finally find out how the major battle for deposits of bottles and cans in Staffanstorp really happened, what you as a redhead really do if you want to be the school’s Lucia girl and how it goes when Tiffany tests the new GTA game in her totally unique way.

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Anagram Sverige AB
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Tiffanys Vlogg
Jenny Grewdahl
Jenny Grewdahl
Jenny Grewdahl och Anders Jansson
Anders Jansson och Sanna Halapi Persson
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Alexander Felsing