Thin Blue Line

Police series that takes place in Malmö (10 x 60 min)

The series takes place in today’s Malmö in a fictional setting and tells the story of six characters that work as police officers. We follow their daily activities,  both at work and in their private lives, in the real multicultural city that Malmö has become with many immigrants.

Director Sanna Lenken’s Words
”My hope is that Thin Blue Line” will be a moving, warm and exciting series with high authenticity. For me this is a series about people that constantly get involved in extreme situations and how they are able to handle them (or are not able to handle them) emotionally. It has to do with both our society and the individual person. It is a series where it will be easy to feel love and understanding for the characters whether or not what they do is right or wrong. When I last read the script what struck me is how many layers there are in our society and how they are shown through what our characters go through. What is the society’s responsibility for and where lies your loyalty as an individual. Thin Blue Line lifts up questions that concern us every day. There are many questions in the series that do not have simple answers and that engage people. It is a series with temperament and warmth and will not shine away lightness or darkness. Serious subjects are combined with humor which, is needed in order for the public to stay interested and entertained.”

Production company
Anagram Sverige AB
Production year
Title in Swedish
Tunna blå linjen
Martin Persson and Erik Magnusson
Executive Producer(s)
Mats Alders, Gunnar Carlsson and Miira Paasilinna, Kristian Hoberstorfer (SVT), Anna Croneman (SVT), Joakim Rang Strand (Film i Skåne), Aleksi Bardy (Helsinki Filmi) and Helen Vinogradov (Helsinki filmi)
Sanna Lenken, Anders Hazelius and Micke Hansson
Cilla Jackert, Erik Ahrnbom and Malin Marmgren
Amanda Jansson, Oscar Töringe, Gizem Erdogan, Per Lasson, Sandra Stojiljkovic and Anna Sise
Linus Eklund, Simon Pramsten, Jon Rudberg och Ola Magnestam
Nina Ijäs, Andreas Nilsson, Harri Ylönen, Otto Ikäheimonen and Roberth Nordh
Irya Gmeyner and Martin Hederos in cooperation with Povel Olsson

In Co-Production with SVT, Film i Skåne, ITV, Helsinki filmi and with the support of Nordic Film and TV Fund, Creative Europe MEDIA programme of the European Union and Business Finland - Audiovisual Production Incentive, Nordvision and in collaboration with ITV.