Thin Blue Line 2

Season 2 of police drama set in Malmö (8 x 60 min)

How can a person be whole if on a daily basis one is exposed to pain, violence and hate? This season we will meet again Sara, Magnus, Jesse, Leah, Dani and Faye, all of whom have chosen to be police officers. They fight to somehow get their tough work lives to go together with their private lives. Their workplace is the streets of Malmö, a city with many sides to it. In this season they will be a part of things that will shake them to their cores and force them into deep soul-searching. There will be events that will put stress on their private relationships and force them to re-evaluate their values and choices. With new characters and conflicts season two will introduce even more difficult questions than season one without trying to give any answers.

Production company
Anagram Sverige AB
Production year
Title in Swedish
Tunna blå linjen säsong 2
Erik Magnusson, Martin Persson
Executive Producer(s)
Mats Alders and Miira Paasilinna, Kristian Hoberstorfer (SVT), Anna Croneman (SVT), Joakim Rang Strand (Film i Skåne) and Aleksi Bardy (Helsinki Filmi)
Anders Hazelius, Mikael Hansson, Maria Eriksson & Sanna Lenken
Cilla Jackert (main writer) and Daniel Karlsson, Malin Marmgren, Walter Behrman, Babiker Malik
Amanda Jansson, Oscar Töringe, Gizem Erdogan, Per Lasson, Sandra Stojiljkovic, Anna Sise, Malou Marnfeldt, Robert Gustavsson, Mustafa Al-Mashhadani, Johannes Lindkvist
Simon Pramsten, Jon Rudberg and Erik Vallsten
Nina Ijäs, Kenneth Klaile, Otto Ikäheimonen and Mervi Junkonen
Irya Gmeyner and Martin Hederos in cooperation with Povel Olsson

In Co-Production with SVT, Film i Skåne, Helsinki filmi and with the support of Creative Europe MEDIA programme of the European Union and Business Finland - Audiovisual Production Incentive, Nordvision and in collaboration with ITV