The Machinery 2

The Machinery season 2 is an action-packed thriller in six episodes set in the borderlands between Norway and Sweden, and between truth and lies. The Machinery 2 premiered on Viaplay May 15th 2022.

Olle Hultén is serving a five year prison sentence in the north of Sweden, and hopes he will be released soon for good behaviour. But the prospect of being released prematurely is clouded when Olle is brought to justice, accused of aiding and abetting murder, a murder he knows his deranged ex-wife Monika Hansen, has committed and who is also facing a long prison sentence. Olle’s wife Josefin has had to manage on her own; taking care of their child Lilly and also Monika’s and Olle’s son Jimmy as well as the family business. All of their lives are put into yet another turmoil when Jimmy decides to take matters into his own hands. Olle only wants to protect his family. Josefin doesn’t know whom she can trust. Monika wants to avoid prison at all costs. And the children end up in the middle of the chaos.

Production company
Anagram Sverige AB
Co-production Partner(s)
Nordic Entertainment Group, Film i Skåne and Helsinki filmi with support from Business Finland, Audiovisual Production Incentive.
Production year
Title in Swedish
Maskineriet 2
Mia Welin and Martin Persson
Executive Producer(s)
Miira Paasilinna, Jon Petersson, Sara Askelöf, Camilla Rydbacken, Aleksi Bardy
Helen Vinogradov
Richard Holm
Niclas Ekström, Kjersti Ugelstad, Gunnar Svensén, Karin Aspenström
Kristoffer Joner, Hanna Alström, Emilia Roosmann, Julia Schacht, Anastasios Soulis, Antti Reini, Bahador Foladi, Gabriel Gunerius Fevang, Angela Kovacs, Mattias Nordqvist, Maja Svärd, Magnus Roosmann, Semir Chatty, Ellen Jelinek, Roshi Hoss
Olof Johnson
Fredrik Morheden, Elias Säll
International Sales