Salt Island

A popular burlesque comedy based on Viveca Lärn’s latest book in the “Från Södra Vägen till Saltön” series.

The bathing suit millionaire Philip O’Don opens a luxurious spa facility on Salt Island. This is how the fourth season of Salt Island begins. Now there is a bridge to the island and he thinks it’s time to attract tourists, even during the low season. Some people are happy. They see the chance to secure work, such as the rootless but ever resourceful Johanna. Her ex-husband, the pedantic oyster fisherman Bengt, returns as a completely changed person after his trip to India. Johanna needs to get her life together and focus on what is really important.   However, Kabben, owner of the Lilla Hunden restaurant, fears competition from the new spa. And things do not get better when “Gothenburg’s richest man” Roger Holkfjell also wants to open a seafront hotel on the small island.

Salt Island season 4 is a co-production involving Anagram, SVT and Film Väst

Production company
Anagram Sverige AB
Production year
Title in Swedish
Malin Söderlund
Executive Producer(s)
Gunnar Carlsson
Lena Koppel
Lena Koppel, efter Viveca Lärns romaner
Ulla Skoog, Tomas von Brömssen, Anki Larsson, Claes Malmberg, Jill Ung,
Dag Malmberg, Sharon Dyall och Claes Månsson
Nille Leander
Mattias Morheden