Hip Hip!

The stage show that became a TV series with classic characters that nobody can be without

It began as a very popular stage show in Lund and developed into a TV series with over one million viewers – per episode. HippHipp! is a sketch comedy programme with a long series of characters that has written itself into Swedish comedy history. The hairdresser Tiffany Persson from Staffanstorp, fire department chief Kajan and the foreign correspondent Morgan Pålsson, what would the world be without them? Or the enthusiastic cheerleaders, who under the direction of Anders Jansson wander about the town with their unison cheering?

Even more unforgettable characters have appeared along the way in the total of three seasons of HippHipp that have been recorded!


HippHipp! is a co-production between Anagram and SVT Malmö.

Production company: Anagram Sverige AB
Production year: 2001
Producer(s): Martin Persson
Director: Anders Jansson, Johan Wester och Andreas Lindergard
Writer: Anders Jansson och Johan Wester
Cast: Anders Jansson, Johan Wester, Eva Westerling och Sanna Persson
Cinematographer: Richard Lindström
Editor: Andreas Lindergård