Halfway to Heaven

Halfway to heaven is a Swedish comedy series about faith, love and desire, by Johan Glans and Anders Jansson

New challenges await the congregation’s vicar Albin and the assistant vicar Jan. Both professionally and privately. Albin is forced into a long-distance relationship and must ask himself the question: How do I want the rest to my life to be? The search for the answer turns out to be a real roller coaster ride. Meanwhile, Jan who has lived a self-imposed celibate life opens his emotional door slightly. Love gains a foothold together with its siblings Lust and Desire. This prompts Jan to take out a magnifying glass and start looking at the fine print in the Holy Scriptures.

As if their private lives were not complicated enough, Albin and Jan also have to ensure that the congregation grows and develops.

Production company
Anagram Sverige AB
Title in Swedish
Halvvägs till himlen
Erik Magnusson
Leif Lindblom, Staffan Lindberg och Mikael Syrén
Mikael Syrén, Johan Glans, Sara Young, Peter Arrhenius, Johanna Ginstmark, Johan Johansson, Wiktor Ericsson, Gunnar Svensén och Daniella Mendel Enk
Johan Glans, Anders Jansson, Jenny Skavlan och Michael Segerström
Jon Rudberg
Stefan Karlsson och Kiko Sjöberg