To those of you who have something important to tell

Anagram Sweden (Anagram Sverige AB) strives to be an open and transparent workplace and organization where its employees feel safe and business thrives. Therefore, it is important for Anagram that it is easy to report any misconduct in a confidential and secure manner so that we as an organization have the possibility to act.

Many situations can be solved by talking to each other immediately when they arise. There can be incidents that require another type of mechanism in handling them. This is why we have a whistleblowing channel. This is also required by law. Read more about our whistleblower policy.

Use the Trumpet

Trumpet is an externally managed whistleblowing function. In Trumpet you can anonymously, securely, and confidentially report misconduct. The report is received by independent administrators. To access Trumpet’s whistleblowing function, click the button below or access the following URL from any device: anagram.trumpet-whistleblowing.eu

In Trumpet, there are clear instructions how to navigate through the entire process. Here you can also read more specifically what applies to whistleblowing and how the law protects the person reporting. The function is open 24/7. Read more about Trumpet.