Dilan and Moa 2

Dilan and Moa is a comedy series about two boundlessly loyal and unsympathetic friends in Sweden’s third largest and least regarded city.

Premiers on the 28th of April at SVT.

Between Us

We are in a wedding when we first meet our for main characters. MERETE and JOACHIM have been married for 12 years and have started a new chapter in life as they have moved to Copenhagen. The reason for this is NANNA, Merete´s best friend. Merete and Nanna have joined forces and started a company together. Nanna is there with her boyfriend KASPER whom she has been dating for the last three years. They are planning to start a family together, a huge step for Nanna as she has always been a single lady. Both couples seem very much in love, but this is about to change.

Through eight episodes we will follow all four characters and their good intentions. By telling the story through four main characters we will see how they misinterpret each other, how they misunderstand each other and how they tell white lies to each other, all with the best intentions. But as the French philosopher Bernard of Clairvaux once stated. The road to hell is paved with good intentions. And in the end of the season, one couple will break up with each other.

The Chosen Ones

Twelve girls wake up in a secluded mansion, without knowing how or why they got there. As they realize they are locked in, the situation in the house threatens to escalate. But the mansion also harbours a dark secret. The girls are part of a medical experiment and if they don’t manage to escape they will die, one by one.

Snip, Snap, Snut & the Squares

In a colorful fantastic world live the mischievous friends Snip, Snap and Snut. They live a wonderful life among trees full of cinema buns and balloons. But there is also the boring Squares who want to ban everything that’s fun.

World premiere at Gothenburg Film Festival Prisma October 26. In cinemas December 14.

The Machinery

The Machinery is an action-packed thriller in eight episodes set in the borderlands between Norway and Sweden, and between truth and lies. The Machinery premieres at Viaplay May 24th 2020.

Olle Hultén is a regular family father. After a company outing he wakes up on the ferry between Sandefjord (Norway) and Strömstad (Sweden), with no clue how he got there. Next to him there is a bag filled with money, a gun and a ski mask. Olle has no idea what’s going on and no memory of what’s happened, but when the police chase him his instincts tell him to run. He sets off on a violent hunt for the real robbers. 30 million Kroner have been stolen from a cash repository in Sandefjord and several people were killed in the process. Olle is on his own, trying to find the people who are framing him. His only chance is to clear his name before the police catch up to him – but why has he been targeted?

Olle is forced to leave everything he holds dear behind in his quest for the truth behind what is happening to him, desperate to hide his true identity – and what made him run away many years ago. Who is Olle Hultén? What is he hiding? And is he guilty of what he is being accused of?

The Machinery is directed by Richard Holm (Gåsmamman, Heder and Johan Falk). Martin Persson and Karolina Heimburg at Anagram Sweden is producing. The shooting takes place during sixteen weeks in Gothenburg, Strömstad and Sandefjord. The Machinery aires at Viaplay in 2020, in 8 episodes x 45 minutes, starting May 24th.

Press contact:
Fredrik Olimb
Head of PR, Viaplay Norway
+47 93290065
Nordic Entertainment Group

Thin Blue Line

Thin Blue Line is a 10 x 60 min TV-series commissioned by SVT and will be shot in Malmö from June 2019 till January 2020. The premiere of the series on SVT will be January 2021.

The series takes place in today’s Malmö in a fictional setting and tells the story of six characters that work as police officers. We follow their daily activities,  both at work and in their private lives, in the real multicultural city that Malmö has become with many immigrants.

The series is written by Cilla Jackert (previous work Känn ingen sorg, Lite som du och Spung) and produced by Martin Persson for Anagram Sweden.
Director Sanna Lenken’s Words
”My hope is that Thin Blue Line” will be a moving, warm and exciting series with high authenticity. For me this is a series about people that constantly get involved in extreme situations and how they are able to handle them (or are not able to handle them) emotionally. It has to do with both our society and the individual person. It is a series where it will be easy to feel love and understanding for the characters whether or not what they do is right or wrong. When I last read the script what struck me is how many layers there are in our society and how they are shown through what our characters go through. What is the society’s responsibility for and where lies your loyalty as an individual. Thin Blue Line lifts up questions that concern us every day. There are many questions in the series that do not have simple answers and that engage people. It is a series with temperament and warmth and will not shine away lightness or darkness. Serious subjects are combined with humor which, is needed in order for the public to stay interested and entertained.”

Stallet and Friends

Stallet, the comedy group behind and in front of the successful Trettiplus, is back to lightening up the autumn darkness. Stallet and Friends combines sketches with performances infront of an audience in a TV studio. Each episode is led by a guest comedian whose personal interest becomes the foundation for each episode, however not always in a way that the guest or the audience expects. The guest comedians are Johan Glans, Anna Blomberg, Pia Johansson, Peter Magnusson, Rachel Mohlin, Kristina ”Keyyo” Petrushina, Mikael Tornving och William Spetz.


Stallet and Friends consist of six episodes around 30 minutes and had its premiere 11 november 2018 on SVT1 and SVT Play.

Kieler Street

Former criminal Jonas has started a new life and lives in Scandinavia’s least criminal neighbourhood. He has it all: a happy family, a great job, a peaceful existence. But the facade starts falling apart when Jonas realizes that several other inhabitants are former criminals with dark secrets. And they’re all willing to do anything it takes to protect their new lives.

Kieler Street is a character driven thriller drama that deconstructs what it means to be a “normal” person. Who are we when we let our innermost feelings control us? Who do we try to be in a civilized society? At its core, this is a story about how far people are willing to go to protect the life they have chosen. Criminal or not – most of us are capable of doing extreme things – all in our pursuit of a peaceful existence.

Sunday League

When the inexperienced football coach Selma Nord takes over Vinninge BK, the team is in last place in division 7 Södra Skåne (South Skåne). Selma immediately finds herself at odds with the star player of the team Roy ”Kroyf” Andersson, who is skeptical of the new coach’s abilities. The team spirit is in jeopardy, and the situation gets worse when the owners of the team’s home field threatens to turn it into a sugar beet plantation once the season is over. Now Selma has to win Kroyf over to her side.

Sunday League is produced for TV3 and premiers on TV3, Viafree and Viaplay on the 4th of April 2018.

Watch trailer here.

Sisters 1968

It’s 1968 and the newly minted, politically aware reporter Karin tries to land her dream job at one of the big Stockholm newspapers, but has to content herself with a little summer substitute position at a sleepy backwater daily. Armed with her typewriter, she and her rebellious artist friend Lottie each rent a room in the home of the newspaper’s owner Georg. It doesn’t take many days before the peculiar pair have managed to stir things up in the little community where people have barely heard of the protests in Paris, much less the bra burning going on across the Atlantic.

Sisters 1968 is produced by Anagram in coproduction with SVT, Film i Skåne, Fixafilm and Ystad-Österlen Filmfond with support by Nordisk Film & TV Fond.

Dilan & Moa

The comedians and satirists Dilan Apak and Moa Lundqvist (Tankesmedjan on P3, the podcast Dilan och Moa, Lilla Drevet) have written and stars in the new humor series “Dilan och Moa”. The series orbits around two friends and allies who, through six episodes, encounters most of what life has to offer; sex-life, class society, friendship and much more.


Dilan works as a janitor at a church and Moa is always starting a new beginner’s course at the University. They live in an “involuntary commune” together with the unemployed artist Paola (Cynthia Guarachi) and the self-medicated autonomous left-winger Filip (Marcus Berggren) in Malmö.


The humor series is created and produced in Malmö with a majority of local filmmakers. Dilan och Moaconsists of six episodes running around 20 minutes and has its premiere 15thOctober 2018 on SVT1 and SVT Play. Directed by Sissela Benn.


Thirty Plus

Talk about sore nipples at babyshowers, hope to be asked to produce ID at the Swedish state liquor store and order the evening’s DJ instead of the evening drink at the bar. Thirty Plus is finally back with a new season. It’s time to see super mother Mimmi again, couple-fixated Kajsa who has found a new guy and the office where the important questions are in focus: What animal do you most resemble? Who has made the best lunchbox? Thirty Plus is composed of the comedy group Stallet with Isabella Posse Boquist, Isabelle Riddez, Linn Mannheimer, Elin Thomasdotter Extor and Anni Tuikka.

Salt Island

The bathing suit millionaire Philip O’Don opens a luxurious spa facility on Salt Island. This is how the fourth season of Salt Island begins. Now there is a bridge to the island and he thinks it’s time to attract tourists, even during the low season. Some people are happy. They see the chance to secure work, such as the rootless but ever resourceful Johanna. Her ex-husband, the pedantic oyster fisherman Bengt, returns as a completely changed person after his trip to India. Johanna needs to get her life together and focus on what is really important.   However, Kabben, owner of the Lilla Hunden restaurant, fears competition from the new spa. And things do not get better when “Gothenburg’s richest man” Roger Holkfjell also wants to open a seafront hotel on the small island.


Salt Island season 4 is a co-production involving Anagram, SVT and Film Väst


When two very different mothers manage to mix up their babies at the delivery room it is actually the beginning of an awkward, but beautiful friendship, and the premises of the series MILK.

MILK is a dramedy about two single moms that try to make ends meet by moving in together. The main characters Ingri (Ragnhild Heien Myntevik) and Mathilde (Julia Schacht) meet while giving birth and even though their first meeting isn´t the perfect match, they will soon learn to know each other and rely on each other.

Being a mother of a new born baby is tough for everyone. Being a single mom even harder. In MILK we follow two mothers – and odd couple – as they meet the new challenges of everyday life. As they both has had their world turned upside down there are several ways to handle things. Ingri is a control freak who has read all about how things should be when you become a mother for the first time. Mathilde is the opposite and takes the challenges on as they come. And as we will learn, there are times when you should be prepared and times when you can relax a bit more, so Ingri and Mathilde will both learn from each other.

MILK is a counterweight to the perfect mom’s blogs and self-help books. A humorous and warm series about the unedited reality of two single mothers with two very different personalities.

The School

The comedy series for everyone who has ever gone to school, has children in school, works in a school or who has grandchildren in school. We follow staff and students at a completely normal crazy school somewhere in Sweden. The parents, children, teachers, caretaker and canteen serving staff, all try to work together in a world with childish adults and antiquated rules – and children that act just as grown up as children have always done.

Viva Hate

Gothenburg in the early 1990s. Daniel is 18 and starts the band Viva Hate together with his friends Morgan, Fabian and Juan. They dream of becoming rock stars. Major rock stars like the Smiths, Cure and the Cult. Or rather, they should be rock stars.

On weekdays, Daniel does extra work at a nursery school, but after repeatedly playing “Häng Gud” (Hang God) by Ebba Grön for the delighted five-year olds, he gets fired. Now it’s time to get serious about music. But Daniel, his petty criminal brother Tommy and the friends in the band are more focused on their dreams rather than handling the tough reality surrounding them. The escape into an alternative world becomes a way to survive.


A co-production involving SVT, Anagram and Film i Väst, with support from Cloudberry Post and Gothenburg Film Studios.

West of Liberty

”West of Liberty” by Thomas Engström is the first novel in the trilogy about the former STASI agent Ludwig Licht. The story takes place in Berlin where implications and challenges are faced when chasing a corrupt leader of a whistleblower organisation. At the request of Licht´s old partner in crime Clive Barner – Head of CIA´s Berlin office and Licht´s contact when he was a double agent in the seventies  – he is once more dragged into the dark rooms of the intelligence world.

Director for the series is Barbara Eder from Austria and Ludvig Licht  will be played by Wotan Wilke Möhring. The scripts are written by Sara Heldt and Donna Sharp.

The 6 x 45 minutes series will be produced by Anagram Sverige AB and the German company Network Movie. It´s commissioned by ZDF and SVT and will be co-produced by Film i Skåne and Film i Väst, with support from the Swedish Film Institute och Film und Medien Stiftung NRW.

The shoot starts early spring 2018 and will be delivered in the Autumn the same year.

”West of Liberty” is made for an international market and is distributed by ITV. In the Nordic countries it´s presold to TV 2 Norway and YLE.

Contact at Anagram Sverige AB: Gunnar Carlsson gunnar@anagram.se or phone +46702646929 and at Network Movie, Bettina Wente wente.b@networkmovie.de or phone +4916090509740.

Snip, Snap, Snut

Follow Snip, Snap and Snut on their adventures. In a colourful world, where biscuits and balloons grow on trees, and where those who yearn to fly invent different ways to achieve their dream. Sometimes they encounter scary and mischievous creatures that want to stop them but Snip, Snap and Snut overcome most problems through friendship and collaboration.


Snip, Snap, Snut is a co-production involving Anagram, SVT and Film i Skåne


No problem is too small, no discussion too meaningless. Not for Svinarp’s strongman. This is the story of the troubled municipal commissioner Lars-Göran Bengtsson, the loyal municipal director Mats, the heavy smoking administrative director Gunvor and Jonna the public relations officer from Stockholm. Together, they try to modernise and polish up the image of Svinarp, Sweden’s second-most boring municipality.

Halfway to Heaven

New challenges await the congregation’s vicar Albin and the assistant vicar Jan. Both professionally and privately. Albin is forced into a long-distance relationship and must ask himself the question: How do I want the rest to my life to be? The search for the answer turns out to be a real roller coaster ride. Meanwhile, Jan who has lived a self-imposed celibate life opens his emotional door slightly. Love gains a foothold together with its siblings Lust and Desire. This prompts Jan to take out a magnifying glass and start looking at the fine print in the Holy Scriptures.

As if their private lives were not complicated enough, Albin and Jan also have to ensure that the congregation grows and develops.

The Most Beautiful Hands of Delhi

Göran Borg is approaching fifty, is tired of his job as a communcations officer and loses his permanent employment. Life is not made any easier by the fact he is unable to get over the divorce, which has been a reality for some years. By pure chance, he suddenly gets the opportunity to accompany his tour guide friend to India. By an even greater coincidence, he remains in the country, lodging with a noteworthy family, consisting of a charming but spiteful mother and her irresistible, middle aged son Yogi, who has never moved from home. Göran of course also meets a woman, Preeti. However, it’s not as simple as he would have liked. Preeti is married, and not just with anybody. Her husband is no other than the powerful business executive Vivek.


Delhi’s most beautiful hands is a co-production between SVT, Anagram and Film i Skåne

Tiffany’s video blog

After a period of burnout, the very popular hairdresser Tiffany Persson from Staffanstorp has made a decision. She will start up her video blog again, and in earnest. In her garage, which she has decorated and smartened up, she reports on the latest innovations, trends and gossip. And – of course – she also takes the opportunity to share her personal thoughts and opinions. You will finally find out how the major battle for deposits of bottles and cans in Staffanstorp really happened, what you as a redhead really do if you want to be the school’s Lucia girl and how it goes when Tiffany tests the new GTA game in her totally unique way.

30 Degrees in February

Glenn lives together with Oh in her home village. They are happy together but Glenn still dreams about having children. Oh suggests that they adopt, in Sweden. Joy, Wilda and Kajsa live in Thailand. Kajsa is working just as hard as usual and Joy is taking care of her and the little sister. One day everything changes. The girls are forced home to Sweden, to the father that Joy has not met since he abandoned them when they were little. Majlis was believed to have drowned in the disaster; no one knows that she is still alive. Now she lives a shadowy existence – she cannot reveal her feelings, cannot use her real name or become close to anyone.


The TV series is a co-production involving Anagram, SVT, Film i Väst and Chimney, with support from the Swedish Film Institute, the film consultant Suzanne Glansborg and Creative Europé.


Feeling Great with Tiffany

You have probably wondered how Tiffany is doing? What does she really do to feel so amazing, to be so pretty and to have such a good life. The only one who has the answer is of course Tiffany herself. And now she is ready to share this information. In the series “Feel wonderful with Tiffany” she accompanies us through the current jungle of feel-good methods. She tests everything from purifying juices, to karate, hunting in the open air and mindfulness, and brings together the best for a very personal mix that works for everyone: The Tiffany method!

Before she gets going she just needs to fix the capital to start her own business at the Swedish employment service and hold an audition for the position of “personal assistant”.

Tiffany Returns to Work Training

The hairdresser from Staffanstorp is back, as colourful and innocent as always. After having suffered some unknown form of burnout, now it is time. Tiffany will return to working life. But naturally, she wants to work with something that suits her. Best to try most things and she shines, of course. Work at a hotdog stand, as a lifeguard or librarian – no return to work training is too hard for Tiffany.

Pax’s Earthly Adventures

The extraterrestrial Pax ends up on Earth for all sorts of reasons. Sometimes to find spare parts for her spaceship radar, sometimes to serve a punishment that the Intergallactic Council has sentenced her to. Regardless of the reason, she always encounters the Angry Old Woman, dressed up as the owner of the bakery, the fire station or whatever workplace Pax is visiting. But Kind Old Man comes to her rescue, whether she wants it or not. Pax herself uses both trickery and (poor) disguises to try to charm the Angry Old Woman. This makes her furious – and Pax succeeds with her earthly assignment.

In the series, which so far has three seasons, there is no dialogue, just a pretend language is spoken.

At the End of the Milky Way

20 years have passed since the adventures in “Back to the Milky Way”. Mira has become a mother to the now 13 year-old girl Billie and lives a normal life on Earth. Peo’s and Ulla’s time on the asteroid station is approaching the end. Life has chugged along. Until now. When Ulla disappears without a trace it is obvious: something malevolent is brewing. The alarmed Peo dispatches the cargo pilot Pax to pick up Mira on Earth. By mistake, she collects Billie instead. When Captain Storm from the Evil Triumvirate attempts to murder Peo and blows up the entire station, our heroes manage a narrow escape.


At The End Of The Milky Way is a co-production between Anagram and SVT.

Hip Hip!

It began as a very popular stage show in Lund and developed into a TV series with over one million viewers – per episode. HippHipp! is a sketch comedy programme with a long series of characters that has written itself into Swedish comedy history. The hairdresser Tiffany Persson from Staffanstorp, fire department chief Kajan and the foreign correspondent Morgan Pålsson, what would the world be without them? Or the enthusiastic cheerleaders, who under the direction of Anders Jansson wander about the town with their unison cheering?

Even more unforgettable characters have appeared along the way in the total of three seasons of HippHipp that have been recorded!


HippHipp! is a co-production between Anagram and SVT Malmö.

Long Way Home

During a European tour, the American country star Molly has had enough. She leaves her continually unfaithful Swedish husband and secretly takes up residence in a small Swedish town, without telling anyone who she is. She finds employment in a City Gross store and tries to analyse her complicated life. But as people from her past turn up, she is forced back into the music world and into the role she was born to play.


Anagram produced the Swedish production; City Gross was responsible for the concept and financing.