We have all sung our hearts out to the radio. Most of us extremely loud in the car,  in the shower, or by ourselves alone in the bedroom. In the film Argue, we do it in pure frustration.

My World in Yours

Shams and Stella are in love. Shams hasn’t told Stella that she seeks asylum, nor about Hanine who’s still in Palestine waiting for Shams to help her come to Sweden. Stella works at the Migration office. When Shams has her interview with Swedish Migration Board, Stella shows up as the assistant judge. Shams has to tell the truth to get asylum.

Big Galaxies Eat Stars

Did you know that everyone has their own star? A star, that with its light brings joy and courage to those who follow it. Little-Tough, Berry, Rabbit and Leaf have traveled all the way into space to find their stars. But to be able to go back home with their star light intact, they have to make it through the Tunnel of Shadows. In the tunnel there are monsters, who spread terror and eat starlight, and our little friends have to face their worst fears. To make it pass the monsters, they have to cooperate and demonstrate real friendship. A kind of friendship none of them knew existed.

Premieres on SVT’s Barnkanalen 19 april 2019 at 10:05!

Snip, Snap, Snut

Follow Snip, Snap and Snut on their adventures. In a colourful world, where biscuits and balloons grow on trees, and where those who yearn to fly invent different ways to achieve their dream. Sometimes they encounter scary and mischievous creatures that want to stop them but Snip, Snap and Snut overcome most problems through friendship and collaboration.

Snip, Snap, Snut is a co-production involving Anagram, SVT and Film i Skåne

On Suffocation

What happens when the system becomes more important than human life? On Suffocation is a story without dialogue. About the systems people subordinate themselves to, about hierarchies of life and death.

A co-production involving Anagram, Film i Skåne and Swedish Television.

The Flower Girl

Weddings, births, baptisms and funerals. There is a lot of drama surrounding Vendela’s flower shop. With her dedication and big heart, Vendela always ends up at the centre of events. She has an insight into the lives of her customers and neighbours and immediately notices if something is not right. Unnecessary disagreements, involuntary solitude or flowers sent to the “wrong” person. No matter what it is, Vendela cannot just stand by and observe. She comes out and makes things right. She has the bike messenger Crippe to assist her. It’s incredible what you can achieve with a little consideration and dedication. And some flowers.

The Blue Line

Jens has always felt rich. He lives very well, has a loving wife and a well-behaved son. But now, when he has secured this job as a trader at a respected broker firm, his life suddenly seems barren. When Jens gets a hot tip from a colleague, he sees his chance to catch up financially. He invests everything he owns. But it does not really go as he hoped. Jens is forced to realise that he has been fooled. Full of revenge, he embarks on a hunt for the evidence that will give him his old life back. The hunt leads him way out along the blue line, where he has never set foot previously.

Interest Club Season D

The comedy programme where an interesting answer is worth just as much as a correct one.  With laughter, witty comments and a fascination for exciting facts. A panel containing quick-witted, unprepared and benevolent inquisitive people who have to answer more or less impossible questions. And should they answer in line with a common misunderstanding, ten minus points await. Johan Wester is the presenter and Anders Jansson is the regular panellist in the Swedish version of QI, the successful British programme created by John Lloyd and led by Stephen Fry and Sandi Toksvig.

Afternoon Encounter

They have been married for more than 60 years. Now, she wants to separate, in order to die in peace. Separating is heart-rending for a young person. How is it then for an older person, who has shared his entire adult life with the other person? When life and memories are interwoven and are barely distinguishable.

“Afternoon Encounter” is about love like we never see it today, through an ageing couple’s experience of life, their joy, anger and sorrow. The dialogue between the woman and man is drastic and sometimes grotesque; the physical encounter is uncommonly close and direct. They both display strength of character and a never-ending willingness to move forward, to separate in order to start again. Late in life, maybe just before it ends.
“Afternoon Encounter” is a co-production involving Anagram, Film i Skåne, SVT, the Ystad-Österlen film fund foundation and Chimney, and with support from the Swedish Film Institute (film consultant for Moving Sweden: Helen Ahlsson).