Snip, Snap, Snut & the Squares

In a colorful fantastic world live the mischievous friends Snip, Snap and Snut. They live a wonderful life among trees full of cinema buns and balloons. But there is also the boring Squares who want to ban everything that’s fun.

World premiere at Gothenburg Film Festival Prisma October 26. In cinemas December 14.

Big Galaxies Eat Stars

Did you know that everyone has their own star? A star, that with its light brings joy and courage to those who follow it. Little-Tough, Berry, Rabbit and Leaf have traveled all the way into space to find their stars. But to be able to go back home with their star light intact, they have to make it through the Tunnel of Shadows. In the tunnel there are monsters, who spread terror and eat starlight, and our little friends have to face their worst fears. To make it pass the monsters, they have to cooperate and demonstrate real friendship. A kind of friendship none of them knew existed.

Premieres on SVT’s Barnkanalen 19 april 2019 at 10:05!

Halvdan, Almost a Viking

In Halvdan Viking we follow Halvdan, who lives in the East Village together with the smith Björn. Halvdan was left there when his father went looting without him. Since Halvdan isn’t a real viking, and therefore has no friends in the East Village, he often goes on his own adventures. These adventures bring him closer and closer forbidden territory, the West Village. The West Village has been in feud with Halvdan’s village as long as anyone can remember. Suddenly one day Halvdan is face to face in the woods with Meia, royal daughter of the enemy.

Halvdan Viking is produced by Jessica Ask (Anagram) in cooperation with Film i Väst, SF Studios, TV4 and cofounder by Svenska Filminstitutet, Nordisk Film and TV Fond


Snip, Snap, Snut

Follow Snip, Snap and Snut on their adventures. In a colourful world, where biscuits and balloons grow on trees, and where those who yearn to fly invent different ways to achieve their dream. Sometimes they encounter scary and mischievous creatures that want to stop them but Snip, Snap and Snut overcome most problems through friendship and collaboration.

Snip, Snap, Snut is a co-production involving Anagram, SVT and Film i Skåne

Pax’s Earthly Adventures

The extraterrestrial Pax ends up on Earth for all sorts of reasons. Sometimes to find spare parts for her spaceship radar, sometimes to serve a punishment that the Intergallactic Council has sentenced her to. Regardless of the reason, she always encounters the Angry Old Woman, dressed up as the owner of the bakery, the fire station or whatever workplace Pax is visiting. But Kind Old Man comes to her rescue, whether she wants it or not. Pax herself uses both trickery and (poor) disguises to try to charm the Angry Old Woman. This makes her furious – and Pax succeeds with her earthly assignment.

In the series, which so far has three seasons, there is no dialogue, just a pretend language is spoken.

At the End of the Milky Way

20 years have passed since the adventures in “Back to the Milky Way”. Mira has become a mother to the now 13 year-old girl Billie and lives a normal life on Earth. Peo’s and Ulla’s time on the asteroid station is approaching the end. Life has chugged along. Until now. When Ulla disappears without a trace it is obvious: something malevolent is brewing. The alarmed Peo dispatches the cargo pilot Pax to pick up Mira on Earth. By mistake, she collects Billie instead. When Captain Storm from the Evil Triumvirate attempts to murder Peo and blows up the entire station, our heroes manage a narrow escape.

At The End Of The Milky Way is a co-production between Anagram and SVT.