Ammo follows the main character Bjørn, as he is recruited to work in the Norwegian arms industry.  An industry at the doorstep of a revolution: Artificial Intelligence.  Bjørn quickly becomes a rising star in the company, and is trusted with handling a large business deal with the French military. As the deal is soon to close, Bjørn discovers that the technology he is now responsible for, is illegal, and that he was only recruited to be a scapegoat, in case the irregularities were discovered by the authorities.  When innocent lives are lost, as a direct result of the technology Bjørn is about to sell,  Bjørn can only clean his name, by entering a lethal battle against powerful opponents. And in this battle… who can Bjørn afford to trust?

Ida Takes Charge

Ida moves away from home to study psychology at the University of Oslo. She is worried about most things in life, but her greatest fear is that an act of terror will take place. And when she meets Aksel, a lone wolf who is repeating high-school classes to get in to the university, and spends his time on dark incels (involuntary celibates) forums on the internet, a thought starts to arise in Ida that Aksel is a potential school shooter. Ida attempts to keep the terror related thoughts away, but the more she learns about Aksel, the greater the fear gets. Gradually she realizes that she needs to do something drastic to stop her escalating fear, but how far is she willing to go?

Between Us

We are in a wedding when we first meet our for main characters. MERETE and JOACHIM have been married for 12 years and have started a new chapter in life as they have moved to Copenhagen. The reason for this is NANNA, Merete´s best friend. Merete and Nanna have joined forces and started a company together. Nanna is there with her boyfriend KASPER whom she has been dating for the last three years. They are planning to start a family together, a huge step for Nanna as she has always been a single lady. Both couples seem very much in love, but this is about to change.

Through eight episodes we will follow all four characters and their good intentions. By telling the story through four main characters we will see how they misinterpret each other, how they misunderstand each other and how they tell white lies to each other, all with the best intentions. But as the French philosopher Bernard of Clairvaux once stated. The road to hell is paved with good intentions. And in the end of the season, one couple will break up with each other.

Kieler Street

Former criminal Jonas has started a new life and lives in Scandinavia’s least criminal neighbourhood. He has it all: a happy family, a great job, a peaceful existence. But the facade starts falling apart when Jonas realizes that several other inhabitants are former criminals with dark secrets. And they’re all willing to do anything it takes to protect their new lives.

Kieler Street is a character driven thriller drama that deconstructs what it means to be a “normal” person. Who are we when we let our innermost feelings control us? Who do we try to be in a civilized society? At its core, this is a story about how far people are willing to go to protect the life they have chosen. Criminal or not – most of us are capable of doing extreme things – all in our pursuit of a peaceful existence.


When two very different mothers manage to mix up their babies at the delivery room it is actually the beginning of an awkward, but beautiful friendship, and the premises of the series MILK.

MILK is a dramedy about two single moms that try to make ends meet by moving in together. The main characters Ingri (Ragnhild Heien Myntevik) and Mathilde (Julia Schacht) meet while giving birth and even though their first meeting isn´t the perfect match, they will soon learn to know each other and rely on each other.

Being a mother of a new born baby is tough for everyone. Being a single mom even harder. In MILK we follow two mothers – and odd couple – as they meet the new challenges of everyday life. As they both has had their world turned upside down there are several ways to handle things. Ingri is a control freak who has read all about how things should be when you become a mother for the first time. Mathilde is the opposite and takes the challenges on as they come. And as we will learn, there are times when you should be prepared and times when you can relax a bit more, so Ingri and Mathilde will both learn from each other.

MILK is a counterweight to the perfect mom’s blogs and self-help books. A humorous and warm series about the unedited reality of two single mothers with two very different personalities.