World Tour of Scandinavia

Johan Glans, a stage and a microphone.

After two hectic years performing in “Spamalot” and the long-awaited feature film “Kvarteret Skatan reser till Laholm”, one of Sweden’s most popular and award-winning comedians returns to his favourite place – a stage with classic stand-up on the menu. In “World Tour of Skandinavien”, Johan Glans took brand-new material to Norway, Finland, Denmark, Iceland and finally Sweden.

Now he’s offering an extra show in which all revenues go directly to the charity initiative Team Rynkeby’s fundraiser for the Swedish Childhood Cancer Foundation.


“You’re doubled over with laughter from the first second” Göteborgsposten

“Ninety minutes later, he’s cleared all the dust out /…/ with paroxysms of laughter” Expressen

“The audience is doubled over with laughter” “completely ingenious comedy of recognition” Aftonbladet

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Johan Glans