On horseback through west bothnia

A search for stories, on horseback through the province of West Bothnia. Like the Brothers Grimm, only 200 years later.

Olof Wretling and Sven Björklund from the comedy troupe Klungan set off on an expedition through the depopulated region to capture the county’s oral storytelling tradition. The result was a book, a performance – and a smashing success. Get to know the postman from Dalkarlså, discover the Miami Vice villa in Brände, hear the story behind how Åsele got the very first death clinic and why inbred people were long thought to be extra able-bodied.

A joint production with the family-owned company Wretling och Kult PR.



“Drastic humour, sometimes at genius level.” Örnsköldsviks Allehanda

“The whole thing is actually borderline genius” Västerbottenskuriren

“A really entertaining journey through West Bothnia and our deep-seated delusions” Västerbottens Folkblad

Production company
Anagram Live
Production year
Olof Wretling och Sven Björklund