Tiffany Returns to Work Training

A sketch series about Tiffany’s way back to working life

The hairdresser from Staffanstorp is back, as colourful and innocent as always. After having suffered some unknown form of burnout, now it is time. Tiffany will return to working life. But naturally, she wants to work with something that suits her. Best to try most things and she shines, of course. Work at a hotdog stand, as a lifeguard or librarian – no return to work training is too hard for Tiffany.

Production company: Anagram Sverige AB
Production year: 2015
Producer(s): Linda Walldoff
Executive Producer(s): Elin Sandström Lundh
Director: Gunnar Svensén
Writer: Gunnar Svensén
Cast: Anders Jansson
Cinematographer: Alexander Felsing
Editor: Alexander Felsing