Halvdan, Almost a Viking

An exciting dramatization of Martin Widmark's popular children's book

In Halvdan Viking we follow Halvdan, who lives in the East Village together with the smith Björn. Halvdan was left there when his father went looting without him. Since Halvdan isn’t a real viking, and therefore has no friends in the East Village, he often goes on his own adventures. These adventures bring him closer and closer forbidden territory, the West Village. The West Village has been in feud with Halvdan’s village as long as anyone can remember. Suddenly one day Halvdan is face to face in the woods with Meia, royal daughter of the enemy.

Halvdan Viking is produced by Jessica Ask (Anagram) in cooperation with Film i Väst, SF Studios, TV4 and cofounder by Svenska Filminstitutet, Nordisk Film and TV Fond


Production company
Anagram Sverige AB
Production year
Title in Swedish
Halvdan Viking
Jessica Ask
Executive Producer(s)
Magdalena Jangard
Gustaf Åkerblom
Gustaf Åkerblom
Vilgot Hedtjärn, Ellinea Siambalis, Peter Haber, Claes Månsson, Torkel Petterson, Ellen Jelinek, Joel Spira, Nina Zamjani et al
Peter Mokrosinski
Fredrik Morheden