A drama triangle about class, gender and age

Dino is 23 and dreams of a different life. She has left the mass unemployment of the Swedish provinces in search of happiness in nouveau-riche Oslo just like hundreds of thousands of other young Swedish people. But her new life has reached a deadlock. Dino finds herself stuck in a destructive sprial of temporary jobs, financial difficulties and wild partying. When she starts an extra job as as a housekeeper in a Norwegian middle-class home, she is thrown into a reality very far from her own.

“Underdog” is a raw and painful story of power and longing during a few sultry summer weeks. It also contains dark humour providing an unmerciful observation of the shifted power balance between Sweden and Norway ─ a reality where Swedes have become the Norwegians’ servants.


A co-production involving Anagram, Cinenic Film and Hummelfilm in collaboration with Fixafilm, Storyline, C more and Sandahlgruppen, with support from the Swedish Film Institute/Suzanne Glansborg and the Norwegian Film Institute/Anne Frilseth.

Production company
Anagram Sverige AB
Production year
Title in Swedish
Annika Hellström, Martin Persson och Gudny Hummelvoll
Ronnie Sandahl
Ronnie Sandahl
Bianca Kronlöf och Henrik Rafaelsen
Ita Zbroniec-Zajt
Åsa Mossberg