Sunday League

A relatable and twisted comedy

When the inexperienced football coach Selma Nord takes over Vinninge BK, the team is in last place in division 7 Södra Skåne (South Skåne). Selma immediately finds herself at odds with the star player of the team Roy ”Kroyf” Andersson, who is skeptical of the new coach’s abilities. The team spirit is in jeopardy, and the situation gets worse when the owners of the team’s home field threatens to turn it into a sugar beet plantation once the season is over. Now Selma has to win Kroyf over to her side.

Sunday League is produced for TV3 and premiers on TV3, Viafree and Viaplay on the 4th of April 2018.

Watch trailer here.

Production company: Anagram Sverige AB
Production year: 2017
Producer(s): Erik Magnusson
Director: Leif Lindblom and Manuel Concha
Writer: Erik Ahrnbom, Peter Arrhenius, Anders Jansson, Johan Johansson, Martin Larsson, Niclas Ekström and Gunnar Svensén
Cast: Anders Jansson, Elisabeth Wernesjö, Morgan Alling, Claes Månsson, Lisbeth Johansson, Carolina Gynning, Armand Mirpour, Sven Melander, Smail Alihodzic, Mustafa Al-Mashhadani and others