The maverick politician Lars-Göran Bengtsson works earnestly to modernise the country’s second-most boring municipality – Svinarp

No problem is too small, no discussion too meaningless. Not for Svinarp’s strongman. This is the story of the troubled municipal commissioner Lars-Göran Bengtsson, the loyal municipal director Mats, the heavy smoking administrative director Gunvor and Jonna the public relations officer from Stockholm. Together, they try to modernise and polish up the image of Svinarp, Sweden’s second-most boring municipality.

Production company: Anagram Sverige AB
Production year: 2010
Producer(s): Martin Persson
Director: Andreas Lindergård, Manuel Concha och Nicholas Kolovos
Writer: Wiktor Ericsson och Anders Jansson
Cast: Anders Jansson, Anna Blomberg, Claudia Galli och Kristoffer Appelquist
Cinematographer: Jon Rudberg, Richard Lindström och Jesper Andersson
Editor: Andreas Nilsson, Antonio Tublen, Björn Lindgren, Rasmus Ohlander och Stefan Karlsson