Snip, Snap, Snut & the Squares

In a colorful fantastic world live the mischievous friends Snip, Snap and Snut. They live a wonderful life among trees full of cinema buns and balloons. But there is also the boring Squares who want to ban everything that’s fun.

World premiere at Gothenburg Film Festival Prisma October 26. In cinemas December 14.

Production company: Anagram Sverige AB
Production year: 2019
Producer(s): Emma Åkesdotter Ronge
Director: Cecilia Actis & Mia Hulterstam
Writer: Cecilia Actis & Mia Hulterstam
Cast: Sanna Persson Halapi

Animation: Cecilia Actis & Mia Hulterstam
Grading & VFX: Jörgen Persson
Artwork: Lucas Cuesta Peña
Sound design: Martin Hennel & Jatte Nilsson
Music: Diplomatic

Produced by Anagram in coproduction with Dancinganimation, SVT and Film i Skåne, with support by SFI/Jenny Gilbertsson and in collaboration with YLE.