The School

A sketch series about the craziest time of our lives – school.

The comedy series for everyone who has ever gone to school, has children in school, works in a school or who has grandchildren in school. We follow staff and students at a completely normal crazy school somewhere in Sweden. The parents, children, teachers, caretaker and canteen serving staff, all try to work together in a world with childish adults and antiquated rules – and children that act just as grown up as children have always done.

Production company: Anagram Sverige AB
Production year: 2015
Producer(s): Anders Lenhoff
Executive Producer(s): Elin Sandström Lundh
Director: Anders Lenhoff och Mikael Syrén
Writer: Gunnar Svensén, Anders Lenhoff, Mikael Syrén, Nanna Johansson och Johan Johansson
Cast: Johan Wester, Anders Jansson, Eva Röse, David Batra och Anna Blomberg
Cinematographer: Jon Rudberg
Editor: Patrik Sterner, Max von Reis och Anders Bewarp