Sisters 1968

Sisters 1968 is a TV series in three parts that premieres on SVT Christmas day 2018!

It’s 1968 and the newly minted, politically aware reporter Karin tries to land her dream job at one of the big Stockholm newspapers, but has to content herself with a little summer substitute position at a sleepy backwater daily. Armed with her typewriter, she and her rebellious artist friend Lottie each rent a room in the home of the newspaper’s owner Georg. It doesn’t take many days before the peculiar pair have managed to stir things up in the little community where people have barely heard of the protests in Paris, much less the bra burning going on across the Atlantic.

Sisters 1968 is produced by Anagram in coproduction with SVT, Film i Skåne, Fixafilm and Ystad-Österlen Filmfond with support by Nordisk Film & TV Fond.

Production company: Anagram Sverige AB
Production year: 2018
Producer(s): Emma Åkesdotter Ronge
Executive Producer(s): Martin Persson
Director: Kristina Humle
Writer: Martina Bigert & Maria Thulin. Co-writer: Kristina Humle
Cast: Mikaela Knapp, Maja Rung, Anna Åström, Hannes Fohlin, Sunjatha Conta, Jens Hultén, Livia Millhagen, Kim Sulocki, Henrik Norlén
Cinematographer: David Grehn
Editor: Kersti Grunditz-Brennan & Kristofer Nordin

Production designer: Elle Furudahl
Costume designer: Ingrid Sjögren
Makeup designer: Eva von Bahr
Sound designers: Fredrik Jonsäter & Per Sundström
Composers: Irya Gmeyner & Martin Hederos
Casting director: Sara Törnqvist