Pax’s Earthly Adventures

Space people, slapstick and crazy ideas – Mr Bean for the little ones

The extraterrestrial Pax ends up on Earth for all sorts of reasons. Sometimes to find spare parts for her spaceship radar, sometimes to serve a punishment that the Intergallactic Council has sentenced her to. Regardless of the reason, she always encounters the Angry Old Woman, dressed up as the owner of the bakery, the fire station or whatever workplace Pax is visiting. But Kind Old Man comes to her rescue, whether she wants it or not. Pax herself uses both trickery and (poor) disguises to try to charm the Angry Old Woman. This makes her furious – and Pax succeeds with her earthly assignment.

In the series, which so far has three seasons, there is no dialogue, just a pretend language is spoken.

Production company: Anagram Sverige AB
Production year: 2012
Producer(s): Göran Ehrnström
Director: Petter Bragée och Martin Larsson
Writer: Sanna Persson Halapi och Petter Bragée
Cast: Sanna Persson Halapi och Eva Westerling
Cinematographer: Glenn Strid, Niklas Forshell och Marco Padoan
Editor: Glenn Strid, Pontus Belfrage och Ulrika Rang