Morgan Pålsson – World Reporter

A fumbling TV journalist finds himself having to report in the middle of an ongoing coup d’état in Africa

Foreign correspondent Morgan Pålsson has ended up in disfavour. After having put Sweden to shame in his latest report, he and the photographer Robert Flycht are sent to the fictitious African state Matóbo. He will monitor an election there that no one really cares about. But just as the duo arrive a coup d’état occurs in Matóbo – and the foreign correspondent and photographer end up in the middle of it. Suddenly, they find themselves right in the place where all of the global media outlets want to be. One of them who soon turns up is a female Norwegian journalist that Morgan immediately identifies as his arch-enemy.


Morgan Pålsson – World Reporter is a co-production involving Anagram, Film i Skåne and Metronome.

Production company: Anagram Sverige AB
Production year: 2008
Producer(s): Göran Lindström 
Executive Producer(s): Ralf Ivarsson och Lena Rehnberg
Director: Fredrik Boklund
Writer: Anders Jansson, Johan Wester och Wiktor Ericsson
Cast: Anders Jansson, Johan Wester och Susanne Reuter
Cinematographer: Richard Lindström
Editor: Andreas Nilsson