A dramedy about two singel moms who are trying to make both ends meet by moving in together

When two very different mothers manage to mix up their babies at the delivery room it is actually the beginning of an awkward, but beautiful friendship, and the premises of the series MILK.

MILK is a dramedy about two single moms that try to make ends meet by moving in together. The main characters Ingri (Ragnhild Heien Myntevik) and Mathilde (Julia Schacht) meet while giving birth and even though their first meeting isn´t the perfect match, they will soon learn to know each other and rely on each other.

Being a mother of a new born baby is tough for everyone. Being a single mom even harder. In MILK we follow two mothers – and odd couple – as they meet the new challenges of everyday life. As they both has had their world turned upside down there are several ways to handle things. Ingri is a control freak who has read all about how things should be when you become a mother for the first time. Mathilde is the opposite and takes the challenges on as they come. And as we will learn, there are times when you should be prepared and times when you can relax a bit more, so Ingri and Mathilde will both learn from each other.

MILK is a counterweight to the perfect mom’s blogs and self-help books. A humorous and warm series about the unedited reality of two single mothers with two very different personalities.

Production company
Anagram Norge A/S
Production year
Kornelia Lund
Executive Producer(s)
Ole Marius Araldsen and Anne Kolbjørnsen
Peder H. Næss
Julia Schacht, Ragnhild H Myntevik, Peder Udnæss and Ole Marius Araldsen
Julia Schacht, Ragnhild Myntevik, Herbert Nordrum, Tinashe Williamson, Nader Khademi, Ingar Gimle, Hege Schøyen, Tarjei Sandvik Moe, Caroline Glomnes, Astrid Elise Arefjord, Espen Petrus Andersen Lervaag, Bjørn Myrene and others