Lund Comedy Festival

2–4 September 2021

The funniest festival of all. In ten years, the Lund Comedy Festival has become the biggest celebration of humour not only in Sweden, but probably in the whole Nordic region. Nearly 150 performers contribute each year. A cavalcade of Sweden’s most beloved stars, combined with new talents and several international comedians. Many make this their premiere; others try out new material and still others perform tailored versions of their regular shows. And all of them have one thing in common: they love to come back to Lund – not least because of the fabulous audience they find here.

Many partners and sponsors make the festival possible, including Sparbanken Skåne, the municipality of Lund, Wihlborgs, Grand Hotel and more.


Previous festivals:

2020: 3–5 September
2019: 29–31 August
2018: 30 August – 1 September
2017: 31 August–2 September
2016: 31 August–3 September
2015: 2–5 September
2014: 27–30 August
2013: 28–31 August
2012: 30 August–1 September
2011: 2–3 September

“The Lund Comedy Festival truly has the potential to be for the world of comedy what the Book Fair is for the literature” Sydsvenskan

“This can really be something big. Something really big.” Event News

“A hot-and-heavy humour marathon with only a half-hour to get from one show to another” Event News

“I didn’t attend a single performance this weekend that wasn’t sold out.” Sydsvenskan

Production company: Anagram Live
Producer(s): Kajsa Jönsson