Life’s a breeze

An Irish comedy series about the hunt for grandmother’s savings stashed in a mattress.

The family trick the old grandmother to leave the house in order to clean it up. Worn out and broken stuff ends up at the dump. It is not until afterwards that they hear about the stashed away millions.

This is a comedy about the family’s search for a mattress, which is full of money that gets an entire country – in the middle of Ireland’s economic crisis – to head out to the dump in search of the millions.

The main roles are played by the multiple award-winning actors Fionnula Flanagan (Rich Man, Poor Man) and Pat Shortt (Father Ted).

Production company: Anagram Sverige AB
Production year: 2014
Producer: Lance Daly, Macdara Kelleher och samproducent Jessika Ask
Director: Lance Daly
Writer: Lance Daly
Cast: Fionnula Flanagan och Pat Shortt
Cinematographer: Lance Daly
Editor: Shimmy Marcus och Lance Daly