Come in and shut the door

Step inside Anders Jansson’s world.

Step inside Anders Jansson’s world of taxidermied animals, oversized headphones and a treasury of German phrases. The humourist’s first solo show wowed audiences for three seasons and has played in venues throughout Sweden. Get to know Anders and his seemingly endless array of peculiar ideas, clever reflections and associative musings. Text, images and music are a continuous theme throughout this award-winning performance that takes you on a personal journey of nostalgia, present and future, punctuated with improvisation and dialogues with the audience.

Length: approx. 85 minutes with no intermission
Premiere: 2 October 2015–November 2016



“What observations! What body language!”
“Anders Jansson delivers”
– Sydsvenskan

“Anders has a wonderful down-to-earth style. He cuts straight to the chase, with fresh humour and no nonsense.”
– Skånska Dagbladet

“We laugh until our sides ache and we’re gasping for breath, and perhaps the funniest aspect of all is that we are laughing both with and at Anders”
”Anders Jansson is one of Sweden’s funniest men”
– Eskilstuna Kuriren

“The jokes are so well-timed that you can hardly see them coming”
– Upsala Nya Tidning

“A gloriously composed comedy show”
“One of the comic geniuses”
– Nya Länstidningen Östersund

“The shrieks and snorts of laughter from all around the theatre almost break Anders’s concentration”
– Östersundsposten

“A rhythmic, rocking and pulsing stage show that reverberates in your memory for a long time”
– Östgöta Correspondenten

Production company
Anagram Live AB
Production year
Anna Modéer Wiking
Lars Wickström
Anders Jansson
Anders Jansson