Strawberry Days

A love story between a Polish guest worker boy and a Swedish farmer’s daughter, by Wiktor Ericsson. 

15 year-old Wojtek and his parents leave their home in Poland to head north and pick strawberries.They end up on a farm at Listerlandet in Blekinge. Wojtek comes into contact there with the farmer’s daughter Anneli and the two teenagers start meeting behind the backs of their parents. The relationship is complicated; there is great inequality between those in love. Anneli does not dare to show her feelings openly, she knows the relationship would not be accepted. Wojtek becomes offended, is Anneli just playing games with him? When the parents find out about them the reaction is furious.

Julia Kijowska was awarded Best Actress in a Supporting Role in Swedish Guldbagge Awards 2017.

Strawberry days is a co-production involving Anagram, Film i Skåne, SVT and Way Creative.

Production company
Anagram Sverige AB
Production year
Title in Swedish
Erik Magnusson
Wiktor Ericsson
Wiktor Ericsson
Nelly Axelsson och Staszek Cywka
Nadim Carlsen
Erik Bäfving