Ida Takes Charge

Ida moves away from home to study psychology at the University of Oslo. She is worried about most things in life, but her greatest fear is that an act of terror will take place. And when she meets Aksel, a lone wolf who is repeating high-school classes to get in to the university, and spends his time on dark incels (involuntary celibates) forums on the internet, a thought starts to arise in Ida that Aksel is a potential school shooter. Ida attempts to keep the terror related thoughts away, but the more she learns about Aksel, the greater the fear gets. Gradually she realizes that she needs to do something drastic to stop her escalating fear, but how far is she willing to go?

Production company: Anagram Norge A/S
Production year: 2021
Producer(s): Anne Kolbjørnsen
Executive Producer(s): Anne Kolbjørnsen, Ole Marius Araldsen and Mats Alders for Anagram – Camilla Rydbacken and Jonas Møller for NENT
Director: Rikke Gregersen
Writer: Ole Marius Araldsen, Rikke Gregersen, Øyvind Holtmo, Mikkel Brat Silseth and Magnus Aasdalen
Cast: Elli Rihanon Muller Osbourne in the role of Ida, Mohammed Aden Ali in the role of Jonas and Arthur Hakalathi in the role of Axel
Cinematographer: Torjus Thesen
Editor: Morten Rørvig
Set Designer/Costume Designer: Nina Buer Brun
Post production: Megaphone AS, Peter Clausen
Premiere: Viaplay, 30th of January 2022
Based on a novel by: Kjersti Halvorsen