Mr. Governor

A documentary film about growing old, democracy and national pride

The camera follows former defence minister Anders Björck for one year in his work as country governor of Uppsala County. The director, Måns Månsson, assumes the role of a fly on the wall and lets Anders Björck have the main role by himself. There are no voice-overs or interviews. Mr Governor is a universal film, about loneliness, aging, democracy and national pride.

H:r Landshövding is a co-production involving Anagram, Yleisradio AB/Finlands Svenska Television, SVT, Helsinki-filmi Oy and Film i Skåne.

Production company: Anagram Sverige AB
Production year: 2008
Producer(s): Martin Persson
Director: Måns Månsson
Writer: Måns Månsson
Cast: Anders Björck
Cinematographer: Måns Månsson
Editor: Sadri Cetinkaya och Måns Månsson