Green Quiz with Gunnel Carlson

A funny and scientific quiz with gardening and plants at the centre. Challenge yourself or join together with your friends to form a team, to play trivia in its most laid-back and social form. On stage Gunnel is accompanied by pianist Caroline Leander, who brings a touch of music to the beautiful Birgit Nilsson Hall.   

Gunnel Carlson is one of Sweden’s most famous gardening journalists and lecturer. She has been recognized in Swedish television, countless articles and multiple books. For 12 consecutive years, Gunnel had her own gardening shows on SVT, Gröna Rum and Gunnels Gröna. She also regularly appears on the evening show Go’kväll. Get ready to utilize all your knowledge about flowers and plants in this Green Quiz!  

Ravinen Konserthus – Birgit Nilsson Hall
23 March 2023 – 7 PM

Kulturhuset Trycket – Södra Sandby
23/5 2023 19:00

Language: Swedish
Duration of show: 70 minutes 

Photo: Pernilla Bergdahl 

Production company
Anagram Live
Production year
Kajsa Jönsson
Gunnel Carlson
Caroline Leander
23/03/2023 12:00 am
Ravinen Kulturhus - Birgit Nilsson Salen