Four More Years

A romantic comedy about relationships that takes a step out of the closet, straight over the political divide

The Swedish Liberal party leader David Holst is in crisis. Just recently, he was Sweden’s hottest politician. Stylish, funny, popular and the obvious candidate as the country’s next Prime Minister. Now, two years and a disappointing election defeat later, he finds himself in free fall. The voters have deserted him, the party is in uproar and he can hardly manage to get out of bed. It gets no better when he falls head over heels in love with party general secretary Martin, the last person on earth he can fall in love with. A man. A Social Democrat.

Production company: Anagram Sverige AB
Producer(s): Martin Persson
Executive Producer(s): Jessica Ask, Börja Hansson, Gunnar Carlsson
Director: Tova Magnusson
Writer: Wilhelm Behrman
Cast: Björn Kjellman, Eric Ericson och Tova Magnusson
Cinematographer: Trolle Davidsson, Victor Davidsson
Editor: Dino Jonsäter