Feeling Great with Tiffany

The ultimate feel-good method, by and with Sweden’s most loved

You have probably wondered how Tiffany is doing? What does she really do to feel so amazing, to be so pretty and to have such a good life. The only one who has the answer is of course Tiffany herself. And now she is ready to share this information. In the series “Feel wonderful with Tiffany” she accompanies us through the current jungle of feel-good methods. She tests everything from purifying juices, to karate, hunting in the open air and mindfulness, and brings together the best for a very personal mix that works for everyone: The Tiffany method!

Before she gets going she just needs to fix the capital to start her own business at the Swedish employment service and hold an audition for the position of “personal assistant”.

Production company
Anagram Sverige AB
Production year
Title in Swedish
Må underbart med Tiffany
Linda Walldoff
Executive Producer(s)
Elin Sandström Lundh
Gunnar Svensén
Gunnar Svensén and Johan Johansson
Anders Jansson, Kristina Petrushina
Alexander Felsing
Alexander Felsing