The Blue Line

An action comedy about doing the deal of his life, making a fundamental mess of it and then doing all in his power to make everything right

Jens has always felt rich. He lives very well, has a loving wife and a well-behaved son. But now, when he has secured this job as a trader at a respected broker firm, his life suddenly seems barren. When Jens gets a hot tip from a colleague, he sees his chance to catch up financially. He invests everything he owns. But it does not really go as he hoped. Jens is forced to realise that he has been fooled. Full of revenge, he embarks on a hunt for the evidence that will give him his old life back. The hunt leads him way out along the blue line, where he has never set foot previously.

Production company
Anagram Sverige AB
Production year
Title in Swedish
Blå Linjen
Anisa Dzindo
Executive Producer(s)
Elin Sandström Lundh
Jon Holmberg
Jon Holmberg
Johan Rödin, Joakim Sikberg, Johanna Wilson
Erik Vallsten
Joacim Nakagawa Stråning