Just one person can decide in the whole of bloody Småland!

Becker is driven by the quest to make money and is top dog in the Småland municipality of Tingsryd, a place where everyone knows who he is. But lies, secrets and treachery are about to change the world as he knows it. To stop his empire going under he is forced to act. And in a way he never has before.

Production company: Anagram Sverige AB
Production year: 2016
Producer(s): Erik Magnusson
Director: Martin Larsson
Writer: Martin Larsson
Cast: Henrik Lilliér, Peter Lorentzon, Estelle Löfgren Hadir, Helen Sjöholm, Shanti Roney, Sonja Richter, Lars Ranthe, Torkel Petersson och Nour El Refai
Cinematographer: Marco Padoan
Editor: Kiko Sjöberg