Bäst Före · Henrik Widegren

A show about aging and what we can do about it.

Two days before he turned 50, Henrik received a letter from Region Skåne. His first thought was that his employer wanted to congratulate him on his birthday. Instead, it was an offer to screen for prostate cancer. Countless similar letters followed, informing about effective teeth bleaching, laser eye surgery and how to treat sagging skin.  

The discussion about wrinkles, signs of aging and various preventative treatments are talked about with much engagement in the media and private life. Workout tips, wrinkle creams and anti-aging diets have never before been this prominent in discussions. But why do we think so much about age? What actually happens to the body as we get older and is there anything we can actually do anything about it? Is 70 the new 20?  

Through anecdotes, humour and song, Henrik explains how age-related crises are best treated with a bit of joy! 

About Henrik Widegren
Henrik Widegren is an ear, nose and throat doctor and has in the past few years been seen in SVT’s popular science show “Fråga Lund”. Along with being a doctor at the university hospital in Lund, Henrik is also a performer, lecturer, songwriter and columnist. He has toured the country since 2019, with own shows surrounding humour, music and medicine. With the perfect combination of artistry, information and education, Henrik has created the entertaining one-man-shows “Medicine’s Sick History”, “Sick, Healthy or in Between?” and “Best Before”.

Duration of show: 75 minutes
Language: Swedish 

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Henrik Widegren