Eat Sleep Die

Are you ready to visit the “new” Sweden?

The cocky 20 year-old tomboy Raša has her roots in the Balkans and her heart in northwest Skåne. She lives with her father and works at the village’s local vegetable factory. But the factory downsizes and Raša loses her job – and ends up in the middle of the Swedish unemployment quagmire. She moves back and forth between meetings at the Swedish employment service and discussions with her job coach, between frustration and hell. To find a job, and provide for herself and her sick father is not easy. All she strives for is that life should offer something more. More than just to eat, sleep, die.

Production company: Anagram Sverige AB
Production year: 2014
Producer(s): China Åhlander
Executive Producer(s): Martin Persson
Director: Gabriela Pichler
Writer: Gabriela Pichler
Cast: Nermina Lukač, Milan Dragišić, Jonathan Lampinen, Peter Fält och Ružica Pichler
Editor: Gabriela Pichler & Johan Lundborg