We have all sung our hearts out to the radio. Most of us extremely loud in the car,  in the shower, or by ourselves alone in the bedroom. In the film Argue, we do it in pure frustration.

Production company: Anagram Sverige AB
Production year: 2017
Producer(s): Ann Lundberg and Malin Söderlund
Director: Isabelle Kågström and Adam Selgeryd
Writer: Isabelle Kågström and Adam Selgeryd
Cast: Linnea Johansson, Mia Ternström, Miriam Benthe, Philip Hughes, Melker Sörensen and Alexia Engfelt
Cinematographer: Nea Asphäll
Editor: Adam Selgeryd and Isabelle Kågström

In co-production with Film i Skåne and with support from The Swedish Film Institute, Film i Dalarna and Kultur i Gävleborg.