Nyfikat season 2

Second season of Johan Wester and Anders Jansson's curious podcast.

Yes to inquisitiveness! The best tool for gaining new influences, new perspectives and knowledge about ourselves and others. The series “Nyfikat” (a portmanteau of the words nyfiket, inquisitive, and fika, coffee break) features hosts Johan Wester and Anders Jansson chatting with guests they’ve never met before, in hilarious conversations driven by inquisitiveness about the guest’s knowledge and perspectives. New terms, free associations and many impressions abound. As well as quite a bit of wisdom and – lunacy.

Ten guests in ten different episodes, some filmed before a live audience, others shot in a studio. The first season aired in spring 2015.

In collaboration with Grand Hotel. With thanks to Sparbanken Skåne.

Photo: Freddy Billqvist

Production year: 2017
Producer: Karin Bäckman Berg
Cast: Anders Jansson och Johan Wester.